Evelina® ‘RoHo 3615‘(s)

OWNER: Feno® Srl


ORIGIN: Evelina® ‘Roho 3615’ (s) is a mutation of Pinova (s).


Colour: Fruit colour comes very early and is much more intensive than on Pinova standard. Overcolour is red/orange, striped to blushed on more than 80% of the fruit. Good colour also on the shadow site of the tree.
Flavour: crispy and juicy, agreeable aroma, very good eating quality
Shape/size: long – conical, middle to large
Skin: smooth, with bright lenticels
Fruit flesh: very firm and juicy


Vigour: medium
Blossom: mid-late season, very rich
Pollination: Elstar, Golden Del., Idared, Pilot.


Attractive appearance, high percentage of optimal coloured fruits, high and constant productivity, tolerant towards scab.


Feno breeding programme

The Feno breeding programme comprises approx. 1,000 crosses every year.
The breeding aim is clearly defined: The intention is to produce a variety with good suitability for growing, properties which cater for the requirements of consumers and high recognition value. Several breed specimens with impressive properties are already being tested.