OWNER: Feno® Srl


ORIGIN: Tramin (s) is a cross made by Christoph Kanappele in the 1990s in Tramin, South Tirol.


Colour: yellowgroundcolour, red blush with fine stripes
Flavour: sweet with fine acidity, very aromatic, reminiscent of Gewürztraminer wine.
Shape/size: spherical to flat
Skin: smooth
Flesh: very crispy, juicy


Vigour: weak to medium


Scab resistant, good storability, good annual fruit setting, interesting for direct marketing. Early harvest time – approx. 1 week before Gala.

Red Topaz(s)

OWNER: Malus Bunda


ORIGIN: Mutation of Topaz (Rubin x Vanda).


Colour: yellow-orange ground colour, striped red overcolour, good colouration
Flavour: aromatic, slightly acidic
Shape/size: medium size, round flattened
Skin: smooth, slightly unctuous, susceptible to russet in the stalk cavity
Flesh: firm, fine, juicy


Vigour: medium, compact growth, well-branched
Blossom: mid-early
Pollinatorsi: Florina, Alkmene


Good colouration, scab resistant, very good and constant yields, entering early in production, susceptible to crown rot (interstem grafting necessary).


Feno breeding programme

The Feno breeding programme comprises approx. 1,000 crosses every year.
The breeding aim is clearly defined: The intention is to produce a variety with good suitability for growing, properties which cater for the requirements of consumers and high recognition value. Several breed specimens with impressive properties are already being tested.