Varieties Under observation

Breeding program

The company Feno, which is owned by the Fruitplant members, runs its own breeding program producing every year around 1000 seedlings. The most promising crosses of this program are tested based on their cultivation and marketing values in order to estimate their future potential. The variety tests are done in company-owned fields but also in commercial orchards of partner companies. If interested, we like to give you further information and are keen to provide you with test trees of the following varieties.



Fuji x Pinova

Breaburn x Pinova


Feno breeding programme

The Feno breeding programme comprises approx. 1,000 crosses every year.
The breeding aim is clearly defined: The intention is to produce a variety with good suitability for growing, properties which cater for the requirements of consumers and high recognition value. Several breed specimens with impressive properties are already being tested.